Create a Page

A step-by-step guide to Create a Page

The Create a Page feature allows fans to create a fan page for their favorite sports teams and athletes. It can also be used by little league teams, adult sports leagues, large companies and small businesses to create a presence, build and strengthen your brand, and connect with fans on Deflategate. Visit Deflategate Page Terms to learn about our conditions for creating a page on Deflategate. Your Page must also be in compliance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. To Create a Page, Click Here!


Requirements to Create a Page

If you are an authorized representative for a company, blog, newspaper, magazine, sports network, etc., you will be able to create a company page on Deflategate.

If you’re a fan interested in creating a fan page, make sure that it’s obvious that your page is not the official page of the team or athlete. You can learn more about these requirements by visiting Deflategate Page Terms.

Note: In order to create a page, you must first register for an account on Deflategate. Once you have created your account, you can follow the steps below to create your page.


Steps to Create a Page

1. Choose a category that best suits your organization or fan page.

2. Choose a subcategory from drop-down list.

3. Enter Your Page Name.

4. Write a description about your organization. If you are creating a fan page, write a description of the purpose of your fan page.

5. Upload Avatar image (optional). Default image will be used if no image is uploaded. If you are creating a fan page, make sure that your image is not copyright protected.

6. Upload background image (optional). If you are creating a fan page, make sure that the background image is not copyright protected.