The debate was raging earlier in the season much to the dismay of those who actually saw watched Jordan play. Some talking heads were trying to elevate LeBron beyond Jordan, calling LeBron James as the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT). Some of those who weren’t quite ready to accept LeBron as GOAT were saying that were LeBron to defeat the Golden State Warriors that it would elevate him above Jordan.

The media is quick to prop up people and then they are even quicker to tear them down. Look at Ronda Rousey. Before being demolished by Holly Holm, the talking heads had her in talks as the greatest athlete in the world. Feminists had propped her up so high that they began to believe that Rousey would be able to destroy men twice her size. They even had discussions about Rousey being able to defeat the boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather. All of that quickly changed when Holly Holm,