Kevin Durant Is Joining The Golden State Warriors!!!

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Kevin Durant is joining the Golden State Warriors!!!
» Admin » July 4, 2016, 5:02:08 PM UTC » 0

Kevin Durant's signing with Golden State makes them the greatest super team ever created. It's a sad day for basketball. There was already concern that the league was uncompetitive. This move by KD to join a team that just broke the record last year for most wins in the league will make the 2016-17 NBA season the most predictable season ever.

First of all, I never imagined that KD would leave OKC. OKC was on  the verge of beating Golden State last season. The biggest reason that OKC allowed Golden State to come back from a 3-1 deficit was due to the poor play and decision-making of KD.

I was expecting that KD was going to stick with OKC for at least one more year and would up his game over the summer and come back next year to dominate the league. I never expected that he would side with the team that eliminated him from last year's playoffs. Not i

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Kevin Durant is joining the Golden State Warriors!!!
» Bobby Bouche.. » July 4, 2016, 6:09:04 PM UTC » 0 »

Competitive basketball is history! How does one of the top 5 players in the league jump ship to join the team that they almost beat in last year's playoffs?

This changes everything for the rest of the league. I expect that a lot of teams are going to be reshuffling their roster to be a bit more competitive against Golden State. They are not the team to beat because there is absolutely no way in hell that Cleveland beats the Warriors next year.

Warriors have a Big 4 and tons of vets will sign up at the minimum. They are going to be so stacked, it's just going to be silly. You have to be a fool to bet against Golden State next year.

And no, this is not good for the NBA. It's good for talk show hosts and the rest of the media, but it's terrible if you are a fan of any team other can Golden State. So many games are going to be unwatchable next

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Kevin Durant is joining the Golden State Warriors!!!
» The Real MVP » July 7, 2016, 5:45:10 PM UTC » 0

Very disappointed in KD. His team was a contender. They should have knocked off Golden State last year and would have been in a great position to do it this year. For him to run off to Golden State is a chump move. 

He used to be the most liked guy in the league. There is nothing wrong with KD leaving OKC, but to go to Golden State is just unacceptable. 

I've heard a lot of stupid analysts accuse Barkley of doing the same thing, but those idiots are totally misinformed. Barkley went to the Rockets at the end of his career, not in his prime. How can people who are supposed to be experts sit there and call what KD is doing the same as what Barkley did at the end of his career. 

In any case, I have lost all respect for KD. I always thought that he was kind of weak, but this confirms its. I really hope that some other team knocks them off n